About the Brand

About the brand Saevo

Name Origin:

Prefix SA - Salutem

Suffix EVO – Evolutione

A genuinely Brazilian brand with worldwide projection. Its purpose is to exceed the expectations of health professionals with intelligent and innovative solutions.

Saevo is a brand that looks for technology, to bring to the dental professionals, dental sets, autoclaves, compressors, curing lights, and exclusive line of products, Saevo inspires health and well-being for the dental market, in every way.

Saevo products are manufactured in the city of Ribeirão Preto, just over 330 km from the city of São Paulo at Alliage manufacturing plant (holding company of several brands in the area of ​​Health), Saevo being one of the brands which make up the holding company Alliage and, which today is present in more than 150 countries.

Saevo - Health in Evolution