Air Compressor BioQualy Air 40L

Compact and super quiet, Saevo compressors feature a modern design, maintaining a professional-friendly environment and ensuring patient peace of mind while performing procedures.

Designed to provide compressed air for clinical and laboratory use, it has stable performance, high flow capacity, low energy consumption and is free of oil or the emission of fumes, vapors or unpleasant odors.

Present characteristics that facilitate the operation and maintenance of equipment such as:
     Pressure gauge for reservoir pressure;
     Pressure gauge for outlet pressure;
     Outlet pressure regulator with air filter and water drain;
     Flow control register;
     Registration for drainage of water accumulation in the reservoir.

Valve safety system that operates for pressure release in case of failure and overload protector to protect the equipment from overheating.
Models with reservoirs with internal and external electrostatic painting guaranteeing a longer compressor life.

Model: 40L

Classification of Equipment as per standard IEC 60601-1:

Protection against Electric Shock - Type BF and Class II Equipment (IEC 60601-1)

Protection against harmful water penetration: IPX 0

Mode of operation: Continuous operation


Supply voltage and frequency (40 and 65 Liters)

220V~ ±10% / 60Hz or

220V~ ±10% / 50Hz or

127V~ ±10% / 60Hz

Rated current

40L 127V~: 13 A

40L 220V~: 6,7 A

General power and energy consumption

40L 127V~: 1651 VA / 1,65 KW/h

40L 220V~: 1474 VA / 1,47 KW/h

Engine power

40 liters: 2 hp


Head weight

40L: 15 Kg

Weight with packaging

40L: 48 Kg

Other specifications

Capacity of dental sets

40L: 1 dental set

Air Tank capacity

40L: 40 liters

Filling Time

40L: 1'53"

Theoretical displacement

40l: 283 l/min - 10 cfm

Max pressure

40l: 120 psi - 8,3 bar

Number of Cylinders

40l: 2


With packaging (width x length x height)

40L: 528x528x800 mm

Product (width x length x height)

40L: 498x448x801 mm

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Air Compressor_BioQualyAir

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